My menstrual cup misadventure

My menstrual cup has been missing for weeks. I thought it fell out of my bag at Terry’s place…

But no!

It fell out of my bag at my student’s place!

My eight years old pre-puberty student who definitely has no idea what it is. Her helper told me that she and her five year old brother have been playing with my menstrual cup.

They thought it was a toy!

The helper also have no idea what it is… but Madam knows.


Anyway, it was given back to me wrapped in a tissue like a dead hamster.

And my student won’t stop asking me about it. I told her, “it’s for grown woman”.

“Is it for the boobs?”

“Is it for the armpit?”

In my mind I was like, “omg baby, trust me, you don’t want to know”.

This is really the most traumatic experience ever in my 16 years of menstruating career. It’s worse than when it leaked onto my school skirt cos back then I had my PE shorts , and the episode was over as soon as I changed out.

This episode stays with me. I’ll always wonder just how did the kids play with it.

I contemplated throwing it away and getting a new one. But that’ll defeat my purpose of switching to the cup in the first place. It’s supposed to be eco-friendly and not disposable!

Guess this memento of my great misadventure will stay with me… forever.

It’s not just with me, it’s literally in me.

The silicon ‘dead hamster’.

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