My yoga fails, week 1

I’m currently following the Yoga For Absolute Beginners program on, and I’ll be blogging about the times when I question the functionality of my body in this series. If you have ever felt embarrassed for not being able to do simple things, like touching your toes, or any other poses that everyone else seems to be able to do – know that you’re not alone.

Week 1 has been easy enough. I managed to get on the mat about four times, mostly doing neck stretches… a lot of neck stretches. I started to feel challenged when I tried following the fourth class.

The move I have the most trouble with is the Superman, lifting opposite arm and leg, alternating from side to side. I somehow just cannot coordinate!

I tend to put my non-working arm down on the mat while both arms are supposed to be off the mat at all times. By right, the non-working leg can rest on the mat for support, but I can’t seem to do that… if I have both arms off the mat, both legs tend to come up?

I was wobbling around like a boat in choppy water, can you imagine?



Yoga Superman
Beginners’ Yoga for Shoulder Strength with Melissa taken from