Quick update

There’s a lot going on lately! You already know about mother’s day, so let’s not talk about that.

May has been so busy! I wrote an experimental research proposal and film a video news report for the first time, both are school End of Course Assignment(s). Then straight after it’s exams. I have two papers, did one today, one more to go tomorrow.

But I’m already losing steam and starting to mentally unwind!

Partially because I just (a few days ago) received the birthday present I bought for myself! My birthday was on mother’s day, awks.

Anyway, it’s a manual juicer! I.e. a hand crank slow juicer at a fraction of the price of normal slow juicers from electronics shops. I am not sure what happened in the last twenty-six years of my life, I never knew such a thing exist!? It’s fantastic, makes juice with minimal pulp, environmentally friendly and extremely quiet to operate.


I’ve been juicing for the last two days and this is my current favorite recipe:

Unnamed green juice that’s mostly sour, but also sweet and very thirst quenching

  • 1 green apple
  • 1 orange
  • half a cucumber (of course this depends on how big is your cucumber, my halves are around 10 cm long)

Makes around 350 ml, depends on how juicy your fruits are.


photo6111479536265832393 (1)
Tastes better than it looks. Can someone name my juice recipe, please? I’m very uncreative now.
Manual juicer ezbuy
The awesome (and cheap!) machine from Taobao, less than $30 SGD with shipping.
My birthday cake with heart shape strawberries and hidden blueberries, no-baked by my boyfriend <3.

Shall blog more on my birthday and turning 27 another day. Now I gotta get back to studying for tomorrow’s Managerial Economics paper.

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