My very first sticky bra experience

I was wearing this camisole with a really unique neckline that would expose even my tiniest strapless bra. My options were to go commando or wear a sticky bra. Sticky bra seriously does not work for me, once I step out of the house, it was threatening to fall off. Once I reached the ground floor, I could feel gushes of wind threading through gaps that were not supposed to be there!

I could have turned back and change out of this horror waiting to happen, but then I thought I should just pull through it. I’m already 26. It is actually kind of late to be wearing a sticky bra for the first time, right?

In the time of extreme insecurity like these, I always text my best friend because she tends to patronize me and I like being patronized.

“Make sure it doesn’t drop on the floor like a chicken fillet!”


What a very graphic, but also golden, advice. I spent the next three hours pressing down the sticky bra as discreetly as I know how. With my wrist, with my thumb (while pretending to scratch my ribs), with my phone… I’m sure I tried every possible way to do it.

Interesting fact: three hours is a very long time.

Especially when you’re wearing a sticky bra that’s not sticky enough, or when you have blisters from breaking in a new pair of shoes. You know, the kind of shit situation that is not bad enough to make you act immediately, so you end up living in semi-misery for a long time.

Anyway, moral of this story is that I had my first and last sticky bra experience. Because nipple sticks are also not my friend, I’m gonna have to find out if sporting nipple-shadows is considered indecent exposure in Singapore.

Till then, I’ll steer clear from unreasonable clothes and resign to the fact that I’ll never be a fashionista.