Don’t forget to have a life

When it comes to managing your money, regardless of how much you earn, there is nothing more important than the 50/30/20 rule. I wish I came across this in my younger years, but I didn’t see this until after I was married with two kids. The 50/30/20 rule all began with the amazing Elizabeth […]

via The 50-30-20 Rule — Joker to King

I’ve always haphazardly stash aside some money for unexpected lifestyle expenses, such as having an urge to buy new clothes, adopting a pet, and attending a wedding dinner etc. Since I don’t work full-time anymore, I often find myself really broke after I pay a bill etc. and I’ve been digging into my ‘lifestyle budget’ for essentials. So having hard figures helps, hope sticking to it wouldn’t be too difficult!


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