Fake sheet masks

Now that I have a lot more time on hand, I’ve started using hydrating sheet masks again. I like those from Innisfree; they are selling at $2 each.

I was very motivated to get on with ‘masking’ by an article on hello giggles. On top of that, my skin is exceptionally dehydrated (although oily) from my coffee addiction and overuse of anti-acne products throughout my teenage years. So I dug out all my left over sheet masks from my 2014 trip to Korea’s airport (it was on the way to Beijing) and bought five more from Innisfree. I used one every night for five days straight, took two days break over the weekend and resumed with using one on alternate nights.

My skin was really hydrated and much clearer, even my facialist noticed!

I found the same Innisfree sheet mask I was using on Lazada (an online marketplace) at $15 for 10 pieces. I was so pleased! Until a while ago… when I realize that those 10 pieces I bought online are counterfeits.

Good job for not taking out the garbage for over two weeks! If I learned anything from watching Dr. House, it’s that garbage provides useful insights.

I was wearing the fake sheet masks and feeling all sorts of anxiety when I first started writing this post. I was almost expecting to feel my skin bumpy and tight as I splashed off the excessive goo.

But no. My skin feels really really nice, if not better. And it looks good, no redness and somewhat refined. The mask also did fit better than the original Innisfree mask.

Oh, dilemma. What if the fake sheet masks are better? Even if I head back to Lazada for my next stock-up, there’s no way I can be sure to get the same fake, I mean pirated, sheet masks.

This is such a strange situation to be in.

I’ll definitely head to an Innisfree store for the real stuff if I wake up to screwed skin tomorrow. Then there will be no dilemma. But of course, I do not want that to happen!

Fingers crossed, please let me wake up with baby skin.

innisfree bija mask

Update: I did wake up with almost-baby skin! Even my grand mother’s Pinoy helper was impressed.


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