Short life of my metal straw


I’m upset that I lost my metal straw, it was given to me by a colleague (whom I will not be working with much longer). It would have made a meaningful memento cos I will always remember NParks as the place I found friends who embrace my eco-friendly quirks.

I left it in the cup at the coffee shop. I actually went back for it, but too late… it was thrown into the rubbish bin along with all the other plastic straws. Within minutes.

Are all straws destined to live such short lives?

I love using straws, it makes whatever I’m drinking feels more hydrating than if I am to drink directly from a cup. I also believe using a straw protects my teeth from getting stained and prevents choking.

But a straw can get stuck in a sea turtle’s nose. It’s bad for the environment!

Just placed and order online, I bought a set of 3 this time.

Would love to talk more about metal straws but it’s getting late.

Good night!


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